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size guide

How to Measure Your Chest and Choose the Right Chest Binder​

01. Quick Guide First:

Our half chest binder is a mid-length pullover type with a high compression level on chest area, covering the shoulder to the ribs; it doesn’t matter smaller or larger size you’re looking for, we believe our size range fits every body shape to get a desired outward looking, which is a practical, convenient, and safety choice.

Due to the exceptional elasticity of our proprietary fabric, unlike other chest binder brands, all you need is an accurate chest measurement (bust size) and an understanding of your compression needs. With this information, you can confidently select the appropriate chest binder size.

We discovered that more than 30% of chest size measurements were inaccurate, especially when self-measured. To prevent the frustration of selecting the incorrect size, consider these essential tips that should be known before checking the size chart:

  • Never downsize for the most flattering outcome, as this can have the wrong effect of causing damage to the body;
  • Never measure your chest area while wearing a bra or any compression clothing;
  • Never choose your binder size based only on your regular top or sports bra size;
  • Make sure the measuring tape around the breasts keeps a horizontal line.

To understand what pressure our binder will provide and more sizing information, please go further to see the following measuring examples and questions guides.

02. How Chest Binder Sizes Works, And How They Relate to Pressure

Picture-01/ Before
The correct method to measure the bust size is to place the measuring tape horizontally across the chest and measure at the fullest part of the bust.
Picture-02/ After

Our model examples:

Gyulie’s chest measurement without chest binder is 97cm, and the right chest binder size is large; (see picture-01/ before) after putting on our chest binder, the chest measurement is 94cm. ( see picture-02/ after

The average chest measurement can differ by 3-6 cm before and after wearing our chest binder, depending on your body shape.

Our brand’s expertise lies in discovering the precise level of pressure required to attain the desired flat appearance and a sense of security while ensuring utmost comfort. This optimal compression level is carefully calculated and integrated into our binder structure design, regardless of whether it’s for smaller or larger chests.

As a result, selecting the appropriate size ensures that you achieve the desired compression level and the flattening outward appearance without any compromises.

03. Two-Step of Size Guide:

The Tool You Need Before the Chest Measuring:​

If you have no tap beside, then we suggest:

  1. Find a string/ charging cable/ belt, put it surround your chest area (as bust measurement), and make a mark at the end of it;
  2. Grab your cellphone to check how many times the string length compared to your cellphone’s height;
  3. You could google your cellphone specification to height and multiply it by the result from;

Now, you can get an estimation of your bust measurement.

Step 1:
Stand upright and Measure the chest. Place the measuring tape around the fullest part of the breast tissue, typically at nipple level. Ensure that the tape measurement is snug. ( not too tight or too loose)

The image shows important tips on how to measure: the tape measure must be placed horizontally at the position of the largest bust to ensure the accuracy of the chest measurement.

Step 2:
Checking whether the Measuring Tape is in a horizontal line, especially checking the tap placed on the back of the body

It provides essential tips for measuring: the tape measure must be positioned horizontally at the fullest part of the bust, and it is necessary to ensure that the tape is at the same level across the front chest and the back.

Now you will get our chest measurement and check the following sizing chart to find proper chest binder size.

04. Thefluxion Chest Binder Size Chart:

SizeBust size(in)Bust size(cm)

05. Still Not Sure? Our Customer Service and Free Exchange Policy Helps

If you’re uncertain or have any concerns, it’s always a good idea to reach out to our customer service at support@thefluxion.com or find us on WhatsApp to assist you in getting personalized advice. Safety and proper fit are crucial when using chest binders to avoid potential health risks.

Our Free exchange policy aims to provide enough time to try it on. 

What if My Measurement Is out of the Sizing Chart ?​

If your measurement falls outside of our sizing chart, don’t worry! We’re here to assist you. Please contact our customer service team, and we’ll be more than happy to discuss options for customizing a product that suits your unique needs. We’ll do our best to accommodate your requirements and ensure you have the perfect fit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chest Binder Size Choosing:

Should I Size up for a Chest Binder While the Measurement Falls Between Sizes ?

Typically, we don’t advise sizing up when your measurement falls between sizes. This is because our binders incorporate special technology that provides a slight elasticity without compromising the desired flattening outward appearance. In such cases, we recommend choosing the smaller size for the best results.

For an accurate size, it is best to consult a specialist or contact our customer service team at support@thefluxion.com by providing the measurement for advice.

Chest binders come in various sizes; different brands have different sizing charts according to other fabrics and construction designs, even if the measurement methods differ. That’s why the most important thing is taking measurements to find the right size and comparing them to a size chart, so double-check before buying a binder.

Please don’t refer other brands’ sizing to our chest binders.

A chest binder should fit snugly without being too tight. It should be comfortable and allow you to move freely. If the binder is too tight or restrictive, it could cause health risks such as shallow breathing or increased heart rate. Our free exchange policy allows you to try a different size if necessary.

If your chest binder is too small, you may experience discomfort or difficulty breathing. You may also notice the binder cutting into your skin or causing redness and irritation. And worse, you can’t stand to wear it for more than an hour. it is essential to ensure your chest binder is serving you but not against your body.

If your chest binder is too big, it will be difficult to compress the chest tissue and may not provide the desired results. Additionally, a binder that is too large can cause a sense of insecurity. If you are unsure of your size, please consult our customer service at suppor@thefluxion.com

Yes, it is undoubtedly that a chest binder can bind large breasts. The key is finding the right size binder and an adequate compression level. Our sizing range covers 78cm to 145cm; if your size is out of this range, you may need a custom-made binder or extended sizes tailored to larger frames. It is essential to consult a specialist for advice and personalized fitting recommendations.