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Real Reviews from Customers​

Based on 87 reviews
Amazing for my autism sensory needs 🙂

This binder has been a great addition to my closet. After too many sensory nightmares with other binders, I was looking for something that would bind my chest, be comfortable, and meet my autistic sensory needs. This one does that. The seams are amazing in being pretty flat and seamless, and the fabric is super soft. I will be buying a second one in the near future.


The quality, compression, and fit are fantastic! Its seams are well sealed and the fabric is soft, I especially loved the front panel and the tapered fit. The only problems are that I (personally) cant wear it for too long because of the high compression and that I get sweaty because the material isn't very breathable. Its one of the best binders I have tried so far!


Honestly- this is SO comfortable. I'm 5'3, 200 pounds, and have a DD chest. This fits SO comfortably compared to the gc2b. I had one for a while but it hurt and it made me sweat a LOT. This is actually really breathable and the material feels better for sensory issues. I'd rate the comfortability a 10/10 and the flatness it gives a 8/10. It gives a really clean look, but if you wear anything tighter obvs you'll be able to tell you're wearing a binder. The most comfortable binder on the market.

Highly recommend

So I’m a bigger chested person and trying to find a binder that works for me has been difficult until I found fluxion it’s an amazing binder and gave me a lot of gender euphoria by flatting my chest a lot better than most named brands, the material is also very comfortable and very breathable I will definitely make another purchase soon

I was not expecting to find my new favorite binder

I was kind of in between sizes so I bought 2, L and XL, I have a bigger chest and bit smaller rib cage so I’ve always had a gap with every binder except this one, the XL I wear pretty daily to work 10 hours no issue, I don’t get a completely flat chest but I wouldn’t expect that, it’s enough for me to feel confident, and I’ve been using the L for more special occasions bc it offers a stronger compression but I’ll wear it for a shorter period. The material is great and for me it’s very sensory friendly. Also customer service was so sweet when I needed help

Best Binder Ever

For real though, I have never found a binder that has fit me and given me this kind of compression while feeling SO comfortable. I am thrilled, feeling euphoric, and I’m ready to get more!

Great for the gym

It fits great and I can work out in it better than my other binders. I like the material a lot too

Snug but Comfy!

I tried this brand after my Fytist binder tore. The texture of the fabric is very soft and comfy, and I really enjoy wearing it in all environments. I would suggest ordering a size up, as it could cause a little bit of claustrophobia and sensory issues due to the snugness to the chest.

Great overall, but some minor improvements could be made

Overall this is a great binder. The old company I used to purchase from went out of business and this is honestly the best replacement I’ve found so far.
I ordered a size small.
1: It’s got a wide neckline which I feel is really important for people to feel comfortable and for the binder to not show under shirts.
2: it’s tighter around the bottom of the binder which is really nice so it doesn’t show under shirts, and just provides a nice snug fit all around without gaps.
3: the material is really soft in comparison to some other brands making it pretty sensory friendly.
Negatives (for me personally)
1: the front panel is still a little stretchy. For some this might actually be a positive, but if you want a really flat bind it’s not that great. I think offering an option for the current stretch and for no stretch would be great as people have different wants for binding. Fortunately I don’t have much to hide when it comes to binding, but I’d still prefer that little extra bit of flatness.
2: not quite as soft as my previous binder. It’s still soft and quite sensory friendly, so no real complaints from me here, but I have had better.

Sensory Friendly

Great binder!!! Very sensory friendly, I can be flat and still breathe normal. This binder is pretty good for plus-size ppl, although it can be a little soft if you’re taller than average (this does not affect it’s binding capabilities). Overall I love it and it’s my first choice when I am getting dressed.

i love this binder

about 3 years ago i started binding and it changed my life forever. the appearance binders give to help with the nb/masc look is euphoric. i have tried several brands of binders including gc2b, for them, and fluxion. as someone with a bigger chest there are so many things to take into account - safe binding , compression , aesthetic and comfort . this binder is amazing in all categories! it has the sleekest look and most compression without compromising safety and they are very comfortable - especially as someone with sensory issues as well. these binders were a game changer for me, and my partner could tell the difference right away apart from my other binders.

a great option for anyone who is looking into binding and has a larger chest & sensory needs

hope this helps ❤️

Comfy, but…

This is not made for large breasts and active jobs. By the end of my retail work shift my girls are hanging out the bottom.

Great binder

This binder is amazing for everyday use. It puts little to no pressure on my ribs due to the stretchy panelling (which is not the case for most other binders I’ve tried). The arm holes are not tight and it fits comfortably, scaled up well in larger sizes. It gives good compression, not completely flat but considering the comfort I’m more than happy with it. It does stretch out over time but given how often I wear it this is not a huge problem. They last a long time and are great value for money!

Its hard to find the

Its hard to find the right binder that gives you both satisfation and comfort. Fluxion binders offers both of those and I can finally say that I found the right binders for me. A binder that I don’t have to worry and just be myself. Thank you Fluxion team for creating this kind of binder and more power to you!

Unique Binder

I've owned a couple different brands of binders, some more comfier than the others. The Fluxion was the most unique one to get used to. It felt like a standard binder, but the compression and texture was very different. I like the texture of the binder, but I find it absorbs sweat easily and doesn't dry well unless it is washed and left to air dry for a few days. I like the dip at the back of the neck, it feels nice to feel the fabric of my shirt against more of my back for once and was affirming. It's also got a lovely variety of colours! I think, it doesn't compress as well and when getting used to it still caused some muscle aches. This is less the case now that I have worn it in though 🙂 Though I do think the compression aspect doesn't work too well for my body shape and chest size. It compresses less than a standard binder, but more than an undersized sports bra. So definitely worth the purchase if looking for a more fashionable binder that can be worn as part of an outfit, if it suits your chest. As seen in the mirror pic, I would not feel comfortable wearing this on its own sadly but it may be more suited for someone else. I do like the Fluxion and I am excited to see where it goes!

It's great! :u1F970:

I got it for my girlfriend as a little suprise since their last binder was fitting too loose. I got them the 5XL and it fit them perfectly. I followed the sizing chart and it was accurate. The material is soft and comfortable and true to the color on the product picture. My girlfriend loves how it compresses. I will definitely be getting them more of these!

Best binder!

My 11 year old son has tried many binders over the past year since he has started developing, and we have finally found one that is comfortable, excellent quality, and actually works. Sizing is accurate and customer service was very responsive and thoughtful with our questions about the binder. We will continue to purchase these binders as he grows. I would definitely recommend TheFluxion binder!!

Excellent store

I really like your store I shop for my granddaughter I will buy all her binders at your store

So appreciative but is not perfect for me

I cannot express my gratitude at being able to try this product. The fluxion has allowed me to imagine my body without breasts and for that I am so thankful. I fortunately, it fits my body in a bit of a weird way. Because my belly is fat, the bottom rolls up to right under my breasts
I end up being even more conscious of my chest than I am wearing a constricting sports bra. I don't think sizing up would make a difference because of the fabric, but that could be a possibility. I do 100% believe this product is a lifesaver for some. It may just not be right for my body.

Super comfortable would definitely recommend!

The material is very soft and slightly stretchy making it easy to move around in and take on and off, while still binding really well.

I’ve tried other binders which leave a gap at my ribs, but this one has a much closer fit which I find a lot more comfortable, and also means I can wear it under tighter shirts without it being visible.

Overall really happy with it - would definitely consider getting other colours 🙂

The best

I’ve tried a few binders but I’m not a small person and with weight training I’m only getting bigger. This is the only binder I’ve ever used that actually fits because of the open stretchy back panel. It doesn’t constrict and has a pretty good amount of bind - I’m finally back into all of my polos again. 10/10 recommend.

Binding Journey

The binder feels very secure and somewhat comforting and when I look down at my chest, I feel, maybe a bit of gender euphoria - like I'm special, or that things are more right with the world. I know I wasn't expecting a miracle as my chest is naturally very large, but even this little bit has helped.

I ordered the half chest

I ordered the half chest binder for my daughter and it was a bit too tight. I sent out an email to see about an exchange & received excellent customer service! The quality is great & it washes well.

I have issues with fibromyalgia

I have issues with fibromyalgia and any pressure around my diaphragm will trigger pain for me and every other binder I’ve tried has caused this. Except this ome! The stretchy back is amazing because it doesn’t put extra pressure all the way around. Amazing!

Wonderful fit

Fits great. Super comfortable.


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