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Order Tracking

Thank you for purchasing TheFluxion products. We offer two ways to track your order:

1. Using TheFluxion Tracking System (Recommended)

For users with an order ID and the Email:
To track your order, please enter the order number (usually displayed as “Order # *****”) and the email used for the purchase in the dialogue box below. Click on the “Track Order” button.
For users with a logistics tracking number:
We will send you the tracking number when your item is shipped. Select “Tracking Number,” enter the tracking number, and click the “Track Order” button.

To track your order, enter your order number and email address:

To track your order, please enter the tracking number you received in the shipping confirmation email

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2. Use a third-party logistics system for inquiry (backup).

Click the following link to the official “17Track” page.

17Track   →

Enter the tracking number on the right side of the page. If further clarification is needed, please click.

how to track your order on 17 track