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Solved a wedding bind

I was at a loss trying to find a nude binder for a wedding, were I needed to wear a white dress shirt and didn’t want it to be obvious to everyone I was wearing a binder. Thankfully I found Fluxion. It’s the best binder I’ve had to date! I can wear it comfortable for many hours without feeling constricted and it gives me the smoothest chest I’ve ever had wearing a binder. Delivery was so quick, I had plenty of time to test it out before the wedding

- Ange H.

Sensory dream

This binder is made so well with sensory needs in mind. the covered seams and flexible fabric is very comfortable !! and it still binds really well – I am very pleased I have a C cup chest and bought a medium – buy the size that your measurments fit ! it’s not the same across all binder brands

- Zy B.

This is the binder we’ve been looking for!

In a galaxy not too far away, there was a child who was not comfortable with the body they were in. Their mother searched and searched the holonet for what felt like a millennia. The mother spent many credits on other binders that just did not work for her young padawan. When hope was almost lost, she happened upon The Fluxtion Half Chest binder. It was their last hope. They patiently awaited the package hoping beyond hope that this would be the one to meet the child’s needs. Horrah!!! It is perfect! The fit, style, and color are exactly what we were looking for! Show Less

- Amanda D.

A huge step toward wholeness

I got a binder for my partner. It was their first, and they were SO HAPPY–proud, excited, strutting around, trying clothes on and looking in the mirror, turning to the side, smoothing their shirt, just enjoying and admiring their new profile! I told them (because I’m trans masc too and went through this lol) that watching them transition (which I’ve done) is like watching someone you love unwrap a present you know They’re going to love. Well, this binder was an important part of that. Wear with joy!

- Emily D.


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